2010 Summer Tour EP

by Living Rheum

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this album was recorded in a park in Lowell, MA. On this recording Living Rheum is:

Jon Satin: guitar, vocals
Ali Lipman: banjo
Birds: bird noises

It was sold for donation on our (Living Rheum and Brown Lights) east coast/midwest tour that summer, each copy has an original and unique drawing for the album art. Get in touch if you want one, I still have some left!


released July 10, 2010

Jon Satin, Ali Lipman



all rights reserved


Living Rheum Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Don't Forget To Flush
Well I'm glad they tore down the building
Where we once stole the signs
For your bedroom and for mine.

I didn't ask for your confessions,
Please don't offer them,
I know just where you've been,
Don't remind me again.

And I said "remember when we were so happy?"
And you said "No, I don't"
And I said "I remember the way you used to smile"
And you said "well fuck, I never smiled"

And I know the floors must be getting pretty dirty in that house we never had
We said we'd have.
And I know the dishes must be piling up in the sink we never shared,
We'll never share.

And I said "remember when we were so happy?"
And you said "No, I don't"
And I said "I remember the way you used to smile"
And you said "well fuck, I never smiled"

So don't ask how I got so bitter
And I wont ask how you got so sweet
Lying in the street
While suitors come and kneel at your feet.
Track Name: I'm Sorry You Think I Have A Drinking Problem, But Really I Just Like To Drunk Dial You
You think I have a drinking problem 'cause I only call when I'm drunk
But don't worry about me
I'll never get drunk enough to call you again.

You say you think my friends are a bad influence on me
But don’t worry; I know what I’m doing
Give me some credit, even if you don’t think I deserve it

You say eating out of dumpsters, well, it can’t be healthy
Like the nutrients all rub away in the trash
Well, don’t worry; I know what I’m doing
And freegans really aren’t that bad

Well you say this rainy weather, it must be getting me down
Like I had anywhere to fall
Well, don’t worry about me
I’d buy a raincoat if you’d just leave me alone

And I want solidarity, but not really if you’re included
Because you spit venom and you drink blood
But don’t worry about me, I know what I’m doing
I’ll march in these picket lines of the heart

With blood cells and ventricles
Avoiding all your tentacles
You’re an octopus with your hands in 8 others
But don’t worry about me
I know what I’m doing
So just don’t worry about me
I’ll never get drunk enough to call you again
So don’t worry about me
I know what I’m doing
And I wont ever get drunk enough to call you again
Track Name: Planes, Trains and Automobiles starring John Candy and Steve Martin
I've been blazing this new frontier
And I know you're hot on my trail.
If a march to Oklahoma is filled with Tears
Then mine is filled with Fears.

All this hunger that I feel, it stems from you,
The ways yours, it stems from me
While I'm eating these leaves you are eating your young,
You love the taste of blood on your tongue!

And you grab my gun
To shoot me down
But I don't care no more

And you grab my torch
To burn this town
But I don't live there no more

You've been hopping trains and killing your brains,
Wearing down these railroad tracks
But when they go flat you will know where I'm at
And you'll burn down my little, old shack


I'm just waiting for that quiet night,
When I'm standing above your bed
You open your eyes, they are empty and cold,
And with one swoop, I'll chop of your head!

Track Name: The Smokey Mountains Part IV
We held hands in the rain, singing at the clouds
Like on my birthday when we ran through it and took shelter in a lamp store
We held the moon in our pockets, you the light side, I the dark
The clouds took down every word that we said
They're good about that, and they always sing back
And as the drops hit the top of the metal trash cans I hear the chorus:

Track Name: A Southern Belle
In the car you cried on my shoulder
The night we realized you grew older
When we finally figured out this was our town
And you decided that you were not moving back down

I touched your hair
I kissed your cheek
I held you tight
I loved you that night

We had a lighthouse out on the water
A beacon of light to guide us back
You were a southern belle, a southern daughter
I couldn't hold back all those things that I lacked


Oh, summer has a way to make distance real
And oh, distance has a way to make broken lovers heal
Another chance once we've both cleared out heads
Another night I could spend asleep in your bed